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Taft H.
Broome, Jr.



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He holds the Sc.D. degree and the M.S. degree (1968) in civil engineering from the George Washington University, the M.S. degree in engineering ethics from RPI (1985), and the B.S. degree in Civil Engineering from Howard University (1966).


* Engineering Mechanics
* Engineering Ethics

Subjects Taught: 

Undergraduate Courses: Statics; Dynamics @ Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), Duke University; Strength of Materials; Science, Technology & Society (STS); Engineering Ethics @ RPI; Ethics & Technology w/C. Veharen @ HU Philosophy Department.

Graduate Courses: Structural Dynamics; Stability of Structures; Theory of Plates and Shells; Continuum Mechanics (Nonlinear) HU sabbatical leave @ RPI; Engineering Ethics @ MIT.

Detailed Information

About Me: 

Taft Broome holds the rank of Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), recipient of the 2011 Olmsted Award of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE), Fellow of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) Alumni Association, 2005-06 Martin Luther King, Jr. Visiting Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and 2006 recipient of the Profile In Courage Award from the Howard University Faculty Senate. He holds the Sc.D. degree (1972) and the M.S. degree (1968) in civil engineering from the George Washington University, the M.S. degree in engineering ethics from RPI (1985), and the B.S. degree in Civil Engineering from Howard University (1966).

* Founding Member of the Editorial Board,” Journal of Engineering Studies;
* Member of the Editorial Board, Science & Engineering Ethics;
* Chair, HU Faculty Senate
* MIT ML King Jr. Visiting Professor (2005-2006)
* Member of the Board, National Institute for Engineering Ethics (NIEE, ASEE Representative)
* U.S. Army Corps of Engineers [Captain] 1966-74.


Engineering: continuous and combined dynamical systems. AIAA Journal, International Journal of Solids and Structures, Journal of Engineering Mechanics, Journal of Sound and Vibration, et al.; a chapter in 1 book (published by ASCE).

Philosophy: ethics & philosophy of engineering. Metaphilosophy, Professional Issues in Engineering, Research in Philosophy and Technology, Encyclopedia of Ethics, et al.;


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· Syndicated: Washington Post/ Los Angeles Times News Service, Jan. 1987.

· Right to copy extended to Kinkos for: U. Md., U. Cal. Berkeley, et al.

· Reprinted: London Times, et al.

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Broome, T.H. 2014. Brave New Worldview. Editorial, Science and Engineering Ethics, vol. 20 June, open access pdf available at Springrlink.com.

Broome, T.H. 2014. Opinions: engineering ethical considerations for plaintiffs Ramey & Raisfeld; affidavit for Mostyn Law Firm, Houston, TX, November-December.

Broome, T.H. 2015. The Idea of CSFR 2015. Theoretical 2580-word manuscript on updating the 1975 AAAS Report on Scientific Freedom & Responsibility. Washington, DC: AAAS/Committee on Scientific Freedom & Responsibility, 8 December.

Broome, T.H. 2014. Brave New Worldview. Editorial, Science and Engineering Ethics, vol., 20 June, open access pdf available at Springrlink.com.


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